Probabilistic Life - Cycle Management
The purpose of PLCM platform is to facilitate decision making (at any level of organization) to reach affordable conclusions with adequate confidence.
The “PLC” in PLCM implies that it eventually will encompass in a virtual manner the entire life-cycle including design, engineering development and testing, manufacturing, flight test, and an operational simulation (which will include certification, testing and evaluation, fielding of a vehicle in the existing infrastructure, and tracking of its impact on the economy, market demands, environment, etc.). The word probabilistic has been added to indicate that, in the presence of possibly time-varying uncertainty, the method will define, mitigate, and control variability via stochastic methods (e.g. probabilistic, fuzzy, etc.). This capability will enable the designer to assess a design with a high degree of confidence.
PLCM will include information from manufacturing phase, inspection and structural analysis in order to achieve optimal Life - Cycle design using Joint Probabilistic Decision Making as core module.
Life – Cycle design takes into account criteria that come from the whole operational life of a component or a system. If knowledge from all phases is synthesized in early decision-making and becomes available to the decision makers, then aircraft can be made more suitable and practical to the end users, and will consequently present significant efficiency and cost savings. Unfortunately, in the early design phases of an aircraft life cycle, tasks are locally optimized within their own scopes, and ignore or largely simplify the effect of other consequential phases.