DiAMon Plus
newlogo_small.pngDiAMon Plus™ dielectric cure monitoring system constitutes a turn-key solution in the area of process monitoring and optimisation in composites processing. The combination in a single system of technologically advanced, reliable and configurable monitoring hardware, with industrial software and durable tool-mounted dielectric sensors presents a powerful tool in support of the composites manufacturing. The system specifications are set to suit the processing of composite materials and include intelligent signal processing and flexible process and material monitoring strategy. DiAMon Plus™ integrates with the  industry standard production tools; Autoclave, Oven, Molds, Pultrusion lines. Examples of such industrial installations of DiAMon Plus™ to manufacturing routes of composites aero-structures can be found by clicking here. It can be set at the heart of the process, offering significant productivity and financial benefits to the composites manufacturer.
1: DiAMon Plus System. 2: Standard Cure Sensor. 3: Short Flow Sensor. 4: System on Autoclave.
5: System on Oven. 6. LCM. 7: System on Pultrusion. 8: Pultrusion Software.
(Images courtesy of: Premium Aerotec, Airbus, KAI & Exel)
DiAMon Plus™ includes an optional DC resistance module for flow monitoring in closed moulds with dedicated DAQ hardware, software, multiple sensors and wireless communication feature. The DC measurements from the sensors is used to detect the direction and speed of the resin flow front over the sensors surface and also provides a quick indication of the resin end of cure. This module is supplied as stand alone system for monitoring applications where material state measurements (provided by the dielectric sensors) are not required.
The current system performance is backed by industrial implementation results and it demonstrates the capability for cost-effective and quality approved composites manufacturing. For more details you may see the following sections or you can download the DiAMon Plus™ brochure by clicking here. For any further information please feel free to contact us.