Advanced materials & manufacturing
Advanced Materials Development, New Manufacturing Techniques, Intelligent Process Control and Expert System Development.
  • Liquid Composite Moulding (processing, automatic closed-loop feedback control)
  • Employment of RTM and RFI methods for the manufacture of sub-components and panels using intelligent process control
  • Autoclave Processing
  • New Manufacturing Techniques, some involving new thermosets chemistry
  • Process Modeling, Optimization and Automatic Control
  • Optimization of process conditions by means of real-time in situ dielectric cure monitoring and analysis (using tool-mounted or embedded microelectrodes) with interfacing to process control IKBS
In-process dielectric sensors (lleft and middle) linked to ISOJET injection control equipment (right)
  • In-situ Monitoring of Matrix properties and correlation with progress of processing and properties / morphology of final product
  • Use of intelligent knowledge based (expert) systems in manufacturing (quality assessment, process control, process and tool design)
  • Development of Expert Systems on mould design and process conditions for the manufacturing of complex components by Liquid Composite Moulding
  • Development of thermo-analytical or mechanical models in predicting the structure of composite materials
  • Materials Science
  • Resin chemistry optimization for specific requirements (properties or processing)
  • Development of measurement techniques and tools in assessing thermo-kinetic or mechanical properties – Advanced sensor and actuating technologies
  • Use of high temperature metal alloys (inco ®) for manufacturing of complex parts
Mixer - ejector comnponents made of inco®