Aeronautics & space applications

Structural Dynamics, Durability and Damage Tolerance, Acoustics and Sonic Fatigue, Computational and Experimental Work.


Complex engineering analysis, modeling and simulation techniques with emphasis on:
  • Noise attenuation technologies and tools
  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) methods
  • Stochastic Structural Dynamics
  • Sonic Fatigue
  • Probabilistic damage tolerance/durability
  • Interactions of HCF / LCF
  • Probabilistic Reliability (FPI) Risk Analysis
  • Computational and Experimental Stress Analysis
  • Integrated Finite Element Approaches
Multivariate statistical distribution used in reliability analysis studies (left), acoustic emissions of an aircraft engine (center) and a finite element analysis of a fuselage panel (right).

Space activities within the last three (3) years are considered as internal spin-off activities from current work. Such work entails the development of thermal management systems, advanced sensors and actuators as well as advanced materials for harsh operational environments.