11/7/2008: New Aircraft Concepts Conference
INASCO participated in the 2nd NACRE Conference which was hosted by the University of Greenwich from 8 to 10th of July 2008.
After three years into the innovation challenge, the NACRE Advisory Group has organized the NACRE Conference on New Aircraft Concepts as a way to widen the research forum to debate on the topic, based on key results produced within the project. NACRE has delivered already a number of outstanding technology bricks: those on the eco-efficiency area (Pro-Green) are expected to next build into CleanSky. To name a few, great progress was made in laminar flow prediction and wing design, silent open-rotor system design, rear fuselage integration and noise prediction capability for noise shielding. Other outstanding achievements relate to the Flying Wing configuration and cabin evacuation modeling; innovative tail concepts; cost-driven components; and finally passenger-driven aircraft concepts. INASCO presented its publication named "A low - discrepancy adaptive latin hypecube design of experiments".


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