Installation at Tupolev Kazan National Research Technical University

kai logo.jpg INASCO has installed it’s DiAMon Plus™ monitoring system and family of tool mounted sensors, at the Center of Composite Technology, of  Kazan National Research Technical University (

The DiAMon Plus™ system, offers a complete monitoring solution, for all composite manufacturing processes used in the centre. The system provides “process insight”, through combined monitoring of resin cure, resin flow, pressure and temperature for a variety of aerospace grade resin systems. 


1: System launch: DiAMon Plus™ integrated to the curing oven. 2: INASCO sensors mounted on the mold. 3: Infusion Process preparation. 4: Uncured part with mounted sensors in oven.
5: DiAMon Plus™ online operation during curing of the composite part. 6. Successfully completion of system launch at centre of composite technology



center of composites technology.png

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