Design & analysis
Design and analysis activities include structural / thermal / acoustic behaviour of various components either by using finite element or customised in - house codes. Some representative design and analysis cases are shown below.
Parametric structural analysis for different damage types (damaged skin and stringer(s) OR stiffener(s)), lengths and orientations on a composite stiffened panel. As a result, residual strength and safety factor were computed for various notch (damage) cases. Model was provided by ALENIA for TANGO project.

Design & Analysis of a composite winglet: Mass, buckling, static strength and stiffness were the optimisation objectives while materials, laminate thickness, structural layout and stacking sequence were the design variables. (Ref. AWIATOR project)



Structural and thermal analysis of CFM56-5B plug: In SILENCER project a hot stream liner was integrated on a CFM56-5B plug to reduce the combustion noise. Structural and thermal analysis was performed on the finite element model of the plug.


Specific - purpose analysis include the development of methods such as EIFS (equivalent initial flaw size) concept, F.O.D damage, fatigue damage, patch repair and gas turbine engine faults diagnosis.