Industrial dielectric sensors
The main component of DiAMon Plus™  monitoring system is the dielectric sensor. The tool-mounted in-process sensor performs non invasive measurement of the electrical properties of the material in the sensor’s vicinity. The sensor elements are designed to allow repetitive use of the sensors in the process environment and also to match the optimum measurement range of the DiAMon Plus™ hardware unit.

The overall fabrication of the sensors is made by INASCO, while laser technology is used for the structuring of the sensor elements. The sensor housing has been designed and manufactured by INASCO in order to meet the demanding specifications for a wide range of applications in composites processing. Specific attention has been paid to the cabling and the connectors of the dielectric sensor for increased robustness in the industrial environment of its operation.
Below various versions of DiAMon Plus™ sensors are shown for different applications:


Apart from the products listed above, there is always the ability to produce sensors for our customer's applications. Please feel free to contact us for your own, custom - made solution.


To view current research activities and the history of INASCO dielectric sensors you can see R&D > dielectric sensors .