Key partners


SNECMA / SAFRAN GROUP:   Cooperation with SNECMA entails the development of low noise centerbodies with efforts ranging from design inception to prototype development and testing. In addition, INASCO manufactures prototype mixers, nozzles and other nacelle parts equipped with proprietary acoustic liner technology.



Airbus is cooperating with INASCO in many topics such as fuselage design, structural health monitoring, new aircraft concepts and design of advanced aerostructures.



ISOJET: Collaboration in the development of integrated process monitoring and control systems in Liquid Composite Moulding processing. INASCO contribution is the development of monitoring systems (sensors and monitoring hardware/software) for resin arrival and cure.


BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE - SHORTS: Collaboration in the industrial implementation of dielectric sensing technique in RTI composites processing through tool-mounted sensors, autoclave instrumentation and robust process monitoring systems.



ROLLS ROYCE: Rolls-Royce has been INASCO partner in the workframe of many European research projects (RAMGT, MANHIRP)



EXEL COMPOSITES UK: Installation of a complete pultrusion control system featuring dielectric sensors in the resin bath and die exit for on-line monitoring of the produced composites profiles. Collaboration in the industrial implementation of dielectric sensing technique for continuous manufacturing processes. 


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