Prototype development
Design & Manufacturing services for full and scaled prototypes:
Scaled Mixer-ejector high temp alloy prototyping including manufacturability evaluation and changes to comply with design for manufacture: Internal and External Mixer, Ejector Mounting Struts, Ejector (long and short), Ejector Closure, Liners Integration, Inner Mixer Lobes, Foreplug, Foreplug Struts, Plug Waved, Closure Skin.
Pictures of Mixer - ejector prototype
Pictures of the manufactured Mixer – Ejector assembly with the short ejector attached at the end of the mixer. In the middle, the specially treated acoustic liner is depicted (see relevant page)
Full scale noise - treated CFM 56B exhaust nozzle: This performance comes with ease of manufacturing as no special or complicated procedures are required. During ground testing, there was good agreement between computed and measured structural and acoustic behavior.



CFM plug was modified by appropriate perforations of the outer skin and by placing
ceramic hollow spheres internally (see relevant page)


For manufacturing prototypes from composite materials, the future plant will possess advanced injection control equipment for accurate injection strategies and interfacing to DiAMon PlusTM monitoring system. The injection volume is 10 litre per shot and the system will control up to 8 injection gates and vacuum ports. Additionally, the plant will include oven for RFI processing and vacuum infusion methods of manufacturing. All composite manufacturing activities will be supported by quality control methods and traceability of raw materials and processing parameters.