• Manufacturing facilities for metallic and composites (RTM, RFI) prototype development
  • Facilities for electronics assembly and testing of special tools, gauges and measuring devices
  • Testing facilities (static, dynamic, acoustic) for experimental validation of components including special fixturing for complex testing
  • Software development effort is backed by powerful programming languages such as Mathworks Matlab ® and NI LabVIEW®
  • 20 top rate researchers/developers
  • PhDs in advanced materials, aerospace, mathematics, IT, CAD/CAM, engineering design, statistical signal processing, system identification 
    Future facilities
    The new plant of 2,000 sqm will host advanced techhnology manufacturing routes for
    • Aerospace alloy parts (nacelle, fuselage)
    • Hot stream liner production for aerospace applications (nacelles and space parts)
    • Sensors, electronics and assembly of monitoring systems
    • Composite parts production (RTM, RFI)
    • Scaled - down experimental production line of nanocomposites

    The plant will be operational in the first quarter of 2011
    Photorealistic representation of INASCO manufacturing facilities