Company overview
inasco-logo.gifINASCO Hellas  is a high-technology industrial SME founded in 1989 with capabilities and expertise in the areas of Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Processes (Precision Machining, Liquid Composites Molding), High Performance Acoustic Liners  and Intelligent Distributed Embedded Systems for real-time in-situ monitoring of physical/structural parameters.
INASCO Hellas is primarily focusing on developing and applying innovative breakthrough technologies for the aerospace sector. Applications range from conceptual design and prototyping of advanced aero structures,  to systems and sensors for real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing processes.

Sustainable R&D spearheads INASCO efforts in developing and acquiring expertise in cutting-edge technologies which have contributed to the company's dynamic growth.

For more details about INASCO’s core capabilities, you may view the INASCO company Profile 2015 or you can download the Corporate Brochure by clicking here  
The company activities in manufacturing and materials constitute a share of 29% of all works, while a share of 14% represents aeronautics / engineering related activities. Sensor development amounts to 8% and noise - related activities amount to 12%. Technology design tools correspond to the 22% of total turnover.
Representative financial figures about investments and growth are shown below
Key Growth Figures 2004 - 2010
 Average Turnover Growth
 Average Gross Profit Growth
 Average Investment Growth
 Percent of Investment to Net Turnover